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adminMay 22, 2022

Celebrate Merdeka and Malaysia Day month with YouTube Super Stream! Relive the best of TV3 dramas during this limited 24-hour x 7-days live stream. This stream kicks off from 17 – 23 August 2020, only on the Drama Sangat YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv5bMX0RoQU9jaPT8Ru-cQQ)

17 Aug @ 12.00am
20 Aug @ 1.40pm
23 Aug @ 3.00am

Zara Zya, Alif Satar, Naim Daniel, Azira Shafinaz, Sheila Rusly, Idzham Ismail, Izzat Mushtaq, Annie Mosha, Zalfa Zin, Badrul Muhayat, Liza Rafar, Fathil Dani, Dania Syazwina, Hadi Putra

After her parents’ death, Pia and her brother, Budi, were raised by Pak Long Mat. Budi was born with cerebral palsy. Pia is a responsible sister who takes good care of Budi, no matter how difficult it is and the toll it takes on her.

Zafran, Pia’s study partner, has liked Pia since they were kids. Zafran lives with his father and aunt, Ila. Ila is aware of Zafran’s feelings for Pia and does her best to stop him from pursuing Pia.

Upon returning from his studies abroad, Zafran reconnects with Pia and they marry. Zafran decides to send Budi to a care center because he finds Pia more focused on attending to her brother instead of him. Zafran’s blind jealousy turns aggressive when he notices Pia being friendly with Budi’s attending doctor.

Zafran tells Pia of his desire to marry Qis. Though disappointed and hurt, Pia is ready to step aside for Zafran’s happiness.


17 Aug @ 10.00am
20 Aug @ 11.40pm
23 Aug @ 1.00pm

Aeril Zafrel, Nabila Razali, Hun Haqeem, Raja Afiq, Wilma Muhammad, Aidil Aziz, Elly Mazlein, Sahronizam Noor, Riz Amin, Nazeera Sardi, Wanna Ali, Sarah Hildebrand

After disappearing for several years, Aira Tihani returns to her village ahead of her brother Reyhan’s wedding. The reunion with family members cures all longing except with her ex-husband, Andika Iman. The pain of the old wound is still raw.

But Andika has changed. He wants to win Aira’s heart again. With the help of their cousin, Andika plans a vacation at Lata Pelangi, Aira’s favorite place. He hopes it will remind Aira of their happy times together.

Unfortunately, it was not sweet memories that came to Aira’s mind but the bitter recollection of how Andika married her for the sole purpose of taking away her inheritance.


18 Aug @ 5.30am
21 Aug @ 7.00pm

Sharnaaz Ahmad, Nelydia Senrose, Redza Rosli, Nadia Brian, Reen Rahim, Ungku Hariz, Syafnida Shuhaimi, Azizah Mahzan, Jalaludin Hassan, Dian P. Ramlee, Tash Yong

Hazrul and Daliya are a happily married couple whose relationship is severely tested when Hazrul is caught and later sentenced to prison for attempted rape.

Daliya tries to get her husband to tell her the truth but Hazrul opts to remain silent. Left to fend for herself and fight the negative perception of society, Daliya is further tested when she finds out she is pregnant.

Daliya’s life takes a turn for the better when she meets Ibu Maryam, who takes her in and employs her as a seamstress. Daliya’s presence in Ibu Maryam’s family is welcomed especially by Nazli, who soon develops feelings for her.

After two years, Hazrul and Daliya cross paths. Hazrul, who has never divorced Daliya, is surprised to see her with a child.


19 Aug @ 1.00am
22 Aug @ 2.30pm

Ariel Zafrel, Janna Nick, Mimi Lana, Hun Haqeem, Duerra Mitilda, Dalimawati, Maria Farida, Aishah Atan, Muaz Fitri

Anas and Lisa’s relationship meets with the objection of Lisa’s mother, Rosmah due to their different backgrounds. Rosmah tries her best to match-make Lisa and Ariff whom she views as being more equal in status.

But Lisa is determined to follow her heart and marry Anas. The novelty of married life and being free from her mother’s meddling and controlling ways soon wears off.

Raised on a silver spoon, Lisa has difficulty adjusting to a simple life without the luxuries she has taken for granted. After delivering their firstborn, Suri, Lisa finally has had enough. She demands for a divorce and leaves Anas with Suri to return to her mother and privileged life.

Six years later, Lisa returns. She wants custody of Suri. Anas does his best to stop her.

One day, Anas is involved in an accident, where he suffers a memory loss as a result. Suri is forced to follow Lisa because Anas is unable to remember that Suri is his daughter.


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